With more than 25 years’ experience designing software protection solutions, Data Encryption Systems has a wealth of knowledge in hardware, software and firmware techniques that can make the sale of your software secure against the efforts of people who wish to steal it, use it illegally or even try to reverse-engineer your hard work and steal your methods.

DESkey has all you need to keep your software secure and paid for.

With DESkey you have a choice of integrating our API calls into your software to make whatever secure system you want, or you can use DESwrap. In fact, you can make use of our API calls in your software, compile it, then add a further layer of security by DESwrapping the already-secure software into an extremely secure program ready for your customer to buy.


The DK2 or DK3 can be used in conjunction with DESwrap software to give instant protection to .EXE or .DLL files. This is achieved by wrapping a protective shield around the application using encryption techniques designed and tested during the past 25 years to provide a very secure operating environment for your software.

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DESnet provides a system for multi-user access to a DK2 DESkey across a network, LAN or WAN. The server DESkey may be attached to any PC on the network, including file servers and workstations. DESnet supports TCP/IP and can be adjusted to suit any firewall restrictions you may have. The DK2 can be remotely updated using the built-in secure encrypted instruction transfer protocol in almost any medium from email to phone to fax.

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