DES is specialized in offering the following tailor made solutions:

  •   Standard solutions in the desired colour and labelled with unique numbers or customer numbers
  •   Tailor made solutions integrated in any interface or embedded on controller boards
  •   On any port: Serial, RS232, OBD, USB, USB 3.x Type C & 19 pin, Express Card, PC Card
  •   On any operating system: Windows, Linux, OS X, VxWorks, CoDeSys, Android, QNX, iOS
  •   With any programming language: C, C++, C#, VB,, Java, Delphi
  •   Pre-programming service for dongles and authentication tokens
  •   Configuration and management tools

Experience for yourself

Simply fill in your needs in the configurator below and we will prepare a free test kit with all the required API's, samples and tools.