The DK3 DESkey is the simplest in the range, combining state-of-the-art encryption algorithms with secure microcomputer technology and in-house designed ASICs to protect your software. The DK3 is available in a number of formats including USB, ExpressCard and PC Card, which are totally interchangeable using common drivers and software.

DESwrap can be used with the DK3 to provide instant protection with or without access to source code.

The DK2 can also be used in conjunction with DESnet to licence software over a network.

Pseudo-Random Number Generator

The DK3 has 1,024 bytes of memory as standard, with larger memory versions available on request. Reading from memory is allowed at any time, but writing to memory will require the unique 8-byte password. All information written to memory is uniquely encrypted.

Unique 8-byte Password

All customers will have at least one unique 8-byte password to enable writing to the memory.

Anti-Emulation Algorithm

The DK3 prevents functional emulation by using a variable response algorithm to encrypt all data transmitted between the PC and itself.


The DK3 can be used in conjunction with our DESwrap software to give instant protection to .EXE, .COM or .DLL files. This is achieved by wrapping a protective shield around the application using encryption techniques designed and tested during the past 25 years to provide a very secure operating environment for your software.

Drivers and Support

For the latest drivers and support, please go to the DESkey Support and FAQs section.

Export Classification

Assessment by BIS (the Bureau of Industry and Security) in the USA has classified the DK3, DK2USB and DK3USB with an ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) of 5A992/AT1. For more information please see our Export Classification page.