The DK2 and DK3 can be used in conjunction with our DESwrap software to give instant protection to .EXE and .DLL files. This is achieved by wrapping a protective shield around the application using encryption techniques designed and tested during the past 25 years to provide a very secure operating environment for your software.

Down Counter

The Down Counter within the DESkey may be called from DESwrap. This feature provides the means to stop your software working after a pre-programmed number of executions. An ideal method of controlling demonstration software, this counter may be reset remotely.

Custom Messages

In addition to the standard features, all DESwrap system messages may be user-defined when protecting your application.

API Call Encryption – ACE

DESwrap for 32-bit Windows also encrypts function calls to .DLL files and the Win32 API. The number of API calls per DESkey access and the .DLL files which use ACE can be customised.

Drag & Drop

DESwrap for 32-bit Windows can be used by simply dragging the target file onto the DESwrap icon – handy for protecting your application during development.

Command line Password Protection

The protected program may be set to request a password of between 4 and 12 characters before it will run. Three attempts are allowed before returning back to the system.

Pseudo-Random Number Sequences

These customer-specific Pseudo-Random Number Sequences can be used by the developer in as many devious ways as required. Typically, they are used to encrypt areas of code or data and to provide encryption keys.

Drivers and Support

For the latest drivers and support, please go to the DESkey Support and FAQs section