Our DESnet software provides a system for multi-user access to a DK2 DESkey across a network, LAN or WAN. The server DESkey may be attached to any PC on the network, including file servers and workstations.

Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems

Both the Client and Server may be run under Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Although the system has been designed to run in a 32-bit environment, protected 16-bit applications running under Windows will also operate. The Server program has been designed to run as a service so can automatically start when the machine boots up without the need to log into the machine.

Supports TCP/IP

DESnet supports TCP/IP and can be adjusted to suit any firewall restrictions you may have.

Flexible licensing

DESnet DK2s may hold any number of licences, from 1 to 255. Users may be added at any time, either prior to dispatch or remotely and securely at your customer’s site.

Avoids costly inventory

Our Licence Management system, allows a ‘pool’ of licences to be held on a Master Key. These licences may be issued locally or remotely using the Licence Update software. This system permits all DK2 keys to be stocked as single-user items, then configured as and when required.

Remote Update utility

DESnet incorporates a secure mechanism for remotely updating the DK2 licence count. The Master Key may be updated in a similar manner when purchasing additional licences from Data Encryption Systems. This mechanism uses a unique encrypted communication protocol built into the DK2. The data exchanges between distributor and user can be communicated by any convenient means, including fax and email, without any loss of security since each one is unique for every DK2 and every update.

User logging

DESnet allows System Administrators to record user logins and logouts from the Server DESkey.

Install, support and licence upgrade utilities

User installation is from two self-extracting Setup files; one for the Server and one for the Clients. Once in use, a range of user settings allow the system to be fine-tuned to suit its operating environment. Both the Licence Request from the user and the Licence Update from the distributor, are performed simply and quickly, using the Licence Upgrade software.

Drivers and Support

For the latest drivers and support, please go to the DESkey Support and FAQs section

Export Classification

Assessment by BIS (the Bureau of Industry and Security) in the USA has classified the DK2, DK2USB and DK2E with an ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) of 5A992/AT1.

  •   DK2 CCATS # G044470
  •   DK2USB CCATS# G044473