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License in a dongle: Highest grade of security

For the highest level of security of software protection, we recommend a dongle. The core of our hardware secure elements is a Infineon smart card chip, which includes a microcontroller with a secure storage area for cryptographic keys and the firmware.

Using dongles is the quickest solution to implement on a small scale and give the highest security guarantees available. It is easy to transfer a license from one machine to another and if a system crashes the license inside the dongle does not break. Dongles also offer an easy way to deliver a license to offline systems.

No drivers needed

Our dongles are enabled with two communication interfaces: Human Interface Device (HID) or Mass Storage Device (MSD). Therefore, no additional drivers are required, and the user can connect to a PC and use a dongle without having administrator privileges.

OTA updates

Firmware and licenses in the dongle can be updated over the air, or offline.

Many form factors available

Given the great diversity in devices and interfaces, we offer our dongles in many variants, such as usb-a, usb-c, SD, ASIC and more ..
License dongle with usb-a interface

datasheet →

datasheet →

License dongle with usb-c interface

datasheet →

datasheet available soon

infineon asic chip licensing

datasheet available soon

license dongle internal usb

datasheet available soon

micro sd licensing

datasheet available soon

sd card licensing

datasheet available soon


Yes, all types of dongle come equipped with the SLE97 Infineon chip, with the EAL5+ security certificate.
No. You can program dongles directly in your offices with our direct programming tools, but the same programming tools can all work in a remote mode based on license update files which you can send via e-mail. Of course, if you want to automate the entire license management process, you can let our web-based license manager handle all these things for you
A common best practice is to deliver a back-up license in the form of a hot stand-by dongle in case there is ever a problem with a license or a system. When every minute counts for your customer, you can deliver them the best possible guarantee with the flexibility of our solutions.