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Licensing based on (User) Credentials

Our Cloud licensing solution gives first rate security and peak performance due to the highly secure and extremely scalable cloud servers. Compared to dongles and software licenses, the licenses are not activated in local hardware or bound to a system, but are placed in a cloud server that is securely bound to a known user.

With a set of credentials, a user can access the license which eventually will function just like a local licenses on any device of the user’s choice.

Encryption keys are safe

Classified data, such as encryption keys stay in the cloud and never reach the RAM of the local device. Licenses in the cloud resemble those that are used on dongles. The user’s credentials are the only thing kept on a physical device.

License updates

With the license living in the cloud, you have the option to use an auto-update trigger to enforce changes to licenses in the field. You could add new functions such as usage credits to be topped up, subscriptions that are renewed or a complete license that needs to be withdrawn.


From a technical point of view we consider that should be possible in the future, but currently we only offer this solution hosted in our datacenters, as the requirements for availability and uptime are of the highest levels.
Our a standard free SDK comes with the hardware- and software-based options for license carriers, if you want to add the cloud license carrier option please contact us via your personal SDK portal.
In most use cases, your users might prefer a license on their system itself, hardware- or software-based, since a cloud license requires an ‘always-on’ internet connection. We consider the cloud licenses as the extension of our standard solution to also cover edge cases.